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of the countries committment to education. switzerland is followed by singapore, denmark, sweden and luxemborg. the us.-- placed 9th younger generations are thinking ahead when it comes to retirement. a study finds 59 percent of gen x workers contribute to 401(k) plans.that's followed by gen y at 56 boomers - faced with their own set of retirement challenges - save with 401-k's at a rate of 46 percent. the online user-review business is a multi-million dollar industry and with that comes the need to be protected from vicious online attacks. ky sisson tells us about the business of protecting one's corporate reputation on the internet. with over 117 million monthly visitors, yelp's massive directory of ratings and reviews for the best places to go is loved by millions of consumers, but is often frustrating to business owners. i think it tends to spread a fair amount of misinformation. i think the majority of our guests and the majority of the public is somewhat skeptical of yelp. dave donaldson is the director of operations at stillwater spirits and sounds in dana pointe california
tampa bay chamber of commerce says employers in this area are frustrated with the education system. he says there's no push for students to learn the trades, but it's imperative they do, as most of the current workforce in manufacturing is aging. he says the school system is just not teaching kids how to get their hands dirty. and up through the college level, students aren't thinking manufacturing as a career. we don't have the opportunity where kids are getting hands on on things and getting that curiosity and that mechanical interest to do stuff, we have a lack of interest in those hands on things and manufacturing is a hands on sport. they're not interested because they're not exposed to it, they don't know it's out there - they go through school and it's the basic lawyers and doctors, what are you gong to be, you gotta go to college, they don't realize there's a whole market out there in manufacturing. peck is trying to spark interest in manufacturing. he's not waiting on the government or the education system. he's taken it upon himself to recruit the right workers and personall
't have a clue. the u.s. department of education has over $100 billion. and that's a lot of money. to help students pay for college. and the free application? you mean the fafsa. i did it online. it was easy. i'm never giving up on my goals. i will make a difference. i'm going to find out how to pay for college. i'm going to america's small businesses - the backbone of our economy - may be in for a surprisingly good end to the year. that's a quote from the surepayroll small business scorecard - a widely watched measure of the health of the country's small businesses. michael alter is president of surepayroll. your survey is one that tracks hiring and paychecks data. i was surprised though that you're so sanguine and optimistic because the numbers don't look all that healthy to me. > >well, the numbers look more of the same. a little deja vu all over again. but there are a couple numbers i think are better. one is optimism remains in the 60 percent range. which is not great but it's not horrible. > >it's 63 percent and that's relatively flat. > >that's relatively flat. i think
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3